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Independent Optometrist in South Yarra… Open Sesame

Aladdin’s ‘Cave of Wonders’ may have made his eyes pop, but have you ever wondered how we actually ‘see’ things? Here in Visual Q Eyecare’s ‘Cave of Wonders’ we share our journey into the eye.

You may want to learn more about your eyes, or possibly you’re here to find simple explanations about one of the symptoms related to the eyes. Either way, in a few clicks you’ll get the information you need.

Finding out what makes your eyes tick is what we do best, and on the Visual Q Eyecare website you’ll learn about how an optometrist tests your eyes, about eyewear with style and substance, and what steps you can take to become fully informed about your eyesight [¹]. (Hint: you’ve already taken a big step by being here.)

If you still have any questions you can ‘Ask the Expert’ by emailing, calling us on the phone, or by coming into the Visual Q Eyecare store.