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Coloured Contact Lenses

Coloured Contact Lenses

Be aware that although they can look very exciting and enticing, a coloured contact lens is a print on the outer edge of a lens. This coloured layer can stop a certain amount of Oxygen from reaching your eyes, which the eyes need in order to stay healthy. Your eyes have to stay wet and oxygenated, so we wouldn’t recommend wearing coloured contact lens for extended periods of time.

Fresh Look by Ciba Vision Visual Q Eyecare South Yarra
Ciba Vision's 'Fresh Look' can give you green eyes, temporarily ...

We offer Ciba Vision’s ‘Fresh Look’ coloured contact lens range, which covers the entire eye colour spectrum and more … like purple! These contact lenses come in daily, fortnightly, or monthly options. The ‘dailies’ are definitely the safest bet, as organic particles can latch onto the coloured print if worn for lengthy periods of time.

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