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Frame Adjustments

Frame Adjustments

The importance of having your glasses periodically adjusted by a professional is underrated, and many people aren’t even aware of its necessity. Put simply, where the glasses sit on your face determines how they look and how comfortable they feel. We analyse the amount of space behind your eye for the glasses’ arms, as well as nose pad width. Do you really think the majority of glasses shops perform such detailed levels of scrutiny?

Visual Q adjusts the frame width by bending through the centre with specialised heat producing equipment. We also use heat to bend sections and joints. Bending frames properly comes with extensive experience; you need the ‘touch’. We also periodically adjust the arms, nose frame and nose pads.

Frame Adjustments Visual Q Eyecare South Yarra
Simon at Visual Q is meticulous when it comes to making sure your frames are sitting correctly on your face.

Our Practice Manager often has to create ‘S’ bends in the arms (only in acetate frames) to bend the glasses around a larger shaped head, but we ensure the frame never looks too narrow from a front-on perspective. We are very conscious about different ethnicities and their inherent head shapes, so it makes it much easier for us to choose and adjust the best glasses possible.

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  1. […] If strength is of paramount importance, we’ll suggest titanium or heavy-set acetate frames. Metal is the strongest. Thin plastic frames can crack. The typical lifespan for a pair of glasses is 3 to 5 years, depending on how often you are wearing them. Did you know most damage to glasses is done while they are not even on your face? As time goes by you’ll see that frames get slightly bent out of shape. Sunglasses are especially prone to being misshapen, as we push them backwards onto the tops of our heads. This is why we recommend occasional visits back to Visual Q for adjustments. […]

  2. […] 3. A lot of people have the habit of taking their glasses off in the taxi on the way home from their night on the town, and then forget them in the cab. Wear contact lenses, or bring your glasses case with you and be diligent to always put the frame in the case when you take it off. Also putting the glasses straight into the case ensures you or someone else doesn’t accidentally break them (usually by sitting on the frame). […]