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From Denmark With Love: ProDesign

From Denmark With Love: ProDesign

If you’ve never heard of ProDesign from Denmark, then it’s time you were introduced to one of the most highly evolved, modern and artistic designer glasses companies in the world. When it comes to stylish and fashionable frames using multi-coloured acetates, high quality metals and highly innovative hinge systems, ProDesign leads the way in many glasses industry fields.

ProDesign won the prestigious Grand Prix ‘Eyewear of the Year 2010’ award in the ‘Functions and Technology’ category for its innovative ‘Zense’ model. The Zense line uses a specially designed hinge that perfectly combines functionality and beautiful aesthetics.

In 2009, ProDesign’s same ‘Zense’ model was nominated for the ‘Frame Technological Innovation’ award at the Silmo awards, for its exemplary combination of technical and visual design.

Zense by ProDesign
Zense by ProDesign

Renown for its dual tone acetates whose second colour softens the look of the frame’s main front colour, ProDesign thrives on strong, solid colours, many of which are translucent. Put simply, these designers are masters of colour schemes.

ProDesign has a massive range covering all facial shapes, with both square-shaped and round lenses, full rim and half rim frames, all created with numerous high quality materials like titanium, acetate, aluminium and even rubber.

ProDesign are true innovators. Although they’re not the cheapest brand on the market (frames usually fall in the mid to high cost range of ‘Under $399’ to ‘Under $499), for just a little bit more money spent you’ll receive a lot more in design when compared to the competition. Using high-end materials and styles that have filtered down from the top of the design hierarchy, these glasses are very wearable indeed.

One such innovation is in the Axiom line, models 6110-6117, which have flexible temple arms, and no hinges whatsoever. The frame’s arms are designed to be simultaneously strong and flexible. As the arms bend, they needed to have a special bonded colour that didn’t peel. ProDesign’s patented PVD process did the trick.

ProDesign even uses a material called TR 90, which is the same product used in bullet proof vests to disperse the power of an oncoming projectile. They also sell the only frames in Australia that have optional nose pads. Some people don’t need nose pads to keep their glasses straight in front of their eyes, so why not leave the pads out altogether? Other people (we’ve noticed Asians in particular) often have flatter noses that do need nose pads for support. However, every face and nose is unique.

If you want to see some of the most artistic and well-designed glasses frames in the world, created by Danish masters of design, come on down to the Visual Q Eyecare shopfront in South Yarra. With at least 48 colours, each with 4 different levels of intensity, and the option of 6 different surface finishes (matte, shiny, antique, demi, transparent, or brushed), and combinations of thereof, there is no doubt that one of ProDesign’s unique frames will grab your attention!

By Simon Ch’ng

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    • Hi Lisa, Thank-you for your query regarding replacement nosepads for predesign glasses. Our store (see Contact Us page) does have replacement nosepads for most models of Prodesign. If you aren’t able to come in, I would suggest looking at the Prodesign website http://www.prodesigndenmark.com for the closest stockist, or (as a last resort) emailing Prodesign for the closest stockist (again Prodesign website is your best friend for their contact details). Please let us know how you went finding your nosepads, it might help others. Thanks, Simon.

    • Hi Gary, We would be able to order the new hinge for you if the frame is current and you are local. Otherwise, you can find your nearest Prodesign store by ringing (or emailing) the distributor for your country (see prodesign-denmark.com -> Contact) and asking who is your nearest supplier. Failing that, a good optometrist should provide a repair service for frames. Regards, Simon.

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