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Newsletter First Issue Release

Newsletter First Issue Release

Hi everyone,

Today we are proud to present the inaugural release of our biannual newsletter called I-Care. It represents many months work in getting the ideas together through to production. Our main focus has been to explain the challenges a modern lifestyle has on our eyes. In summary, our eyes are constantly being forced to adapt to new challenges (including each technological ‘advance’ such as smartphones or online gaming), and so they need help. This knowledge is important for everyone to understand, but especially for our children and those growing up immersed in technology.

Also, we take a look at some very interesting sunglasses from Zeal Optics that show how the latest ‘green’ materials are contributing to more environmentally friendly sunglasses. Then, we see modern art through the perspective of vision, and via understanding the optics of the eye.

Without further ado, please find the new issue here in two parts:

Page 1

I-Care Newsletter - Page 1
I-Care Newsletter – Page 1

Page 2

I-Care Newsletter - Page 2
I-Care Newsletter – Page 2

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